Why I Can't Get Enough Of This Certified Organic Vegan Mascara

Why I Can't Get Enough Of This Certified Organic Vegan Mascara


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If you’re already a bit sceptical about organic makeup, a mascara is the last product you’re going to buy from an organic range. Don’t worry, I’m with you - I’ve had my doubts about organic cosmetics in the past too.

Before I actually tried organic makeup, I wondered how it could possibly top my everyday beauty staples.

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Why Choose Organic?

Inika was the first brand of organic makeup that I really tried properly. Inika uses certified organic ingredients, untouched by artificial fertilisers and synthetic chemicals. They’re also sourced in an environmentally sustainable way, maximising use of renewable resources and minimising consumption of energy, soil and water.

Products in the Inika range are free from:

  • Petrochemicals, synthetic substances or mineral oils

  • Ingredients of animal origin

  • Talc and bismuth oxychloride

  • Parabens and fillers

  • Fragrances or colour components of synthetic origin

  • Gluten and lactose

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So, What's So Good About This Mascara?

Mascaras that are available in both a brown and black variation get a big tick from me. Black can look too heavy on the eyes, especially as you get older, so I like to recommend brown mascara for older women, and very fair/blonde complexions.
  • Uses 100% plant-derived natural ingredients to boost length, volume & lash span

  • The voluminous brush head allows for precise distribution of product on lashes

  • One coat will give your lashes length, two coats will give you volume

  • Contains conditioning ingredients including Vitamin E to nourish lashes

  • Mineral pigments create the rich, intense colour

  • Long-wearing, buildable formula that will last all day

  • Gentle formula suitable even for sensitive eyes

  • Certified organic and vegan formulation

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My Pro Application Tips:

1. Use the brush to coat, lift, separate and add length to lashes.

2. Apply to lower lashes & above upper lashes using short strokes along the lash line to build up colour

3. Build your mascara up in layers & wiggle the wand from roots to the tips to coat the entire lash

Tip: Never pump your mascara wand in and out of the container as this can pump air into the mascara and dry it out. Instead, swirl the mascara wand around the inside of the container to really load the brush with product…

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★★★★★ Big thumbs up - Hali

"At first I saw this and I was thinking, I will give this one a go. And I LOVE it!!! It works so well, but doesn't leave your eyes feeling itchy and sore like regular supermarket products. I would definitely recommend it. It has great packaging and it isn't clumpy. Voluminous and perfect for absolutely any occasion."

★★★★★ I love Inika so I had to try this out - Briarne

"The product is packaged beautifully as with all their products, and the formula is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. On application, the wand produced an even amount of product and it glided over my lashes without any clumps. I applied the mascara an additional two times to get that dramatic, fat, long lash look!! I love that it is all natural with no harmful chemicals. The staying power was there and I did not find that it flaked once applied."


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