Why You Should Exfoliate Your Hair Tonight

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Hair Tonight


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Exfoliating your hair might seem like a bit of overkill if you’re not much of a hair enthusiast. What could you possibly gain from exfoliating your hair?

Let me tell you, you’d be surprised. I only recently learnt that hair scrubs were now a thing, and now I’m convinced it’s a necessity in my haircare routine.


Why Should I Be Scrubbing My Hair?

You exfoliate your skin don't you? So why should your scalp get neglected? Built up dry skin on the scalp can cause flakiness, and oilier scalps can really benefit from a good scrub too.
  • Exfoliates away flaky skin from the scalp

  • Helps reduce oiliness on some scalp types

  • Clears away dulling properties from the hair

  • Polishes the hair to leave it feeling softer & looking shinier

  • Some scrubs also contain hydrating ingredients

  • Removes product build up from roots to ends

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I'm Currently Using: Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Scrub

This new pamper product uses sugar as it's main ingredient to prevent moisture loss and buff away dullness. I have fine, non-colour treated hair which really can look lifeless, but this scrub gave my hair the instant shininess and bouncy movement I was looking for.

It smells delicious, thanks to the fusion of grapefruit, orange and jasmine, which lingers in your hair after washing. The sugar crystals dissolve as you work the scrub into your hair, so you can really feel the product doing the job.

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How To Use:

This is a pre-shampoo treatment (which also doubles as a body scrub!)

Step 1: Section your hair & apply a teaspoon amount of scrub to each section

Step 2: Work the scrub into the hair from roots to tips

Step 3: Massage through the hair and scalp before shampooing & conditioning

I’ve been using the scrub in conjunction with the rest of the Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine range, so I’d recommend doing the same for the best results.


Looking for the right scrub for your hair?

There are a few other scrubs attracting rave reviews, so if you're in the market for a hair scrub, I might have the right one for you here.

For Volume: Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste

Created for fine hair, this paste-like formula transforms into a light foam as you work it through the hair, for instant volume at the roots and density through the lengths of the hair.

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For Flaky or Oily Scalps: Neuma ReNeu Scalp Therapy

This gentle exfoliator removes build-up and residue to refresh and restore the scalp, while protecting coloured hair. This scrub can be used weekly to help maintain and promote healthy scalp and hair.

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