Your Brushes Have Never Been This Clean

Your Brushes Have Never Been This Clean


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Cleaning your brushes should be an activity that you regularly (and reluctantly) undertake, considering the amount of gross bacteria that builds up on them.

But do you ever struggle to get them completely clean? Or you end up with foundation splatters all over your bathroom? Well, I’m about to school you on how you can bring your brushes basically back to brand new.


When You're On The Go:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Instant Brush Cleanser

If you're a professional MUA with a tight turnaround between clients, or you simply don't have time to clean your makeup brushes as often as you'd like - this brush cleaner is a time-saving, germ-killing must-have.
  • Cleans quickly without rinsing and dries on the spot

  • Makeup brushes are ready for immediate reuse afterwards

  • This formula dissolves even the most waterproof & highly pigmented products

  • Refreshes brushes with a mint-oil extract, leaving brushes completely free of bacteria

  • Designed for use on both natural and synthetic bristles

★★★★★ Cleans really well - Britnee

"This has no scent and cleans brushes really well. I put a small amount in a small metal bowl, swirl the tip of my brush in it, then wipe the brush head off on a paper towel or napkin. I repeat until there is no colour coming off. The brush dries and is ready to use instantly. Great for switching up colours and small cleanses between deep cleanses."

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When You've Got A Lot Of Build Up:

Sigma Palmat Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool

Before I started using my Palmat, I could never really get my brushes completely clean, and felt like product build-up was getting stuck in the middle. The textured surfaces of this handy little tool do the trick, and it sticks to your sink!
  • This clever 2-in-1 design attaches to your sink or your palm

  • Three different surface textures help to deeply cleanse away product build-up

  • The ergonomic design can be used in both the left and right hand

  • May be suctioned to the bottom of the sink to keep your hands completely free

  • Made of high grade, resilient silicone & suitable for all brush types

★★★★★ Must-have - Ashley

"The only way to clean a foundation brush! I have tried all kinds of brush cleaners, and a little of my facewash on this gets the job done! My brush feels super soft and clean, just like new. It is still gentle enough that it doesn't damage the brush at all either."

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When You're Looking For Heavy Duty:

Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner

This one ain't no secret. Professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts around the world rave about this brush cleaner (our own resident makeup artist included), but what's so good about it?
  • This brush cleanser is a 99.99% antimicrobial disinfectant

  • It’s quick to dry & can be used alone or diluted in water

  • It cleans, conditions & deodorises all types of makeup brushes

  • Leaves brushes scented with with a light vanilla fragrance

  • Available in several sizes to cater to pro MUAs

★★★★★ The best - Jessica

"Wow! Seriously the BEST brush cleaner I have ever used!! What you do is put a little bit of the solution into the tin and then dip the tip of your brush in and wipe it back and forth onto a clean dry towel. It literally takes about 10 seconds to have your brush looking brand new!! Plus, it dries almost instantly!! So you dont have to wait a whole day to use them! That's my favorite part!"

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