Your favourite DECIEM (The Ordinary/Hylamide/NIOD etc) Products?

Your favourite DECIEM (The Ordinary/Hylamide/NIOD etc) Products?


Guys, I am getting more and more obsessed with DECIEM products! Because of affordability, The Ordinary products are still my biggest downfall but I am also loving Hylamide. I’ve yet to try NIOD or their other brands but wanted to know which one product you can’t live without so far? Mostly because I feel like spending money :see_no_evil: and an keen to know what you recommend.

So far the Hylamide Hyaluronic Acid is my “can’t live without” product of theirs. It’s just been an amazing staple for keeping my skin hydrated and plump and a great base for everyday.
So please go forth and tell me when I should spend my $$s on?


I have just started using NIOD products and absolutely love both the cleansers in the range - LOW-VISCOSITY CLEANING ESTER (LVCE) is amazing! I use this at night to wash off my sunscreen and makeup (I dont wear much). You add a little of the liquid into the palm of your hands and gently massage on a dry face then either wash off (I use a wash cloth and warm water) or can just wipe over face with a face pad (I haven’t tried this). This is all I use and love the fact I dont have to double cleanse anymore! The other cleanser SANSKRIT
SAPONINS (SS) I use every second day in the shower in the morning. You massage onto a wet face and rinse off. It has a lovely consistency (I think it smells like honey) and leaves your skin super clean but not tight at all.


Oh these sound divine @saramontagnese! Do you really notice the jump in quality with NIOD compared to the other DECIEM products?


Do Hylamide have a Hyaluronic Acid? I love the Hylamide Face Cleanser & am using the HA Blur which is really, really good.
What I have tried in The Ordinary is the Buffet, Rose Hip Oil, (love that!) & others but maybe paying that little more in Hylamide you get more - who knows!


@bridgetlockyer They do! The Hylamide HA is my favourite. It’s a little pricier than The Ordinary HA but more complex. I’ve been previously told that The Ordinary products are good for treating the surface but Hylamide tends to go deeper into the skin.


Thanks Christine & to think I missed it!


I started with NIOD products so don’t have any comparison sorry! I have recently started using the ordinary buffet which is nice however I haven’t seen any dramatic change in my skin. I have a few static lines on my forehead I really want to try to dismiss so might try Hylamide Subq Anti-Age instead.