Your Favourite Products Under $50?

Your Favourite Products Under $50?


There was a recent Adore Beauty IQ post on top beauty buys under $50 which I thought was a great idea! I love a good reasonably priced product that still works wonders and was wondering what your favourite products under $50 are?

I’ve recently become obsessed with Lanolips! I’ve bought the strawberry lip balm, the tinted SPF30 lip balm but the classic is still my go to for keeping my lips SUPER hydrated and keeping the flake away.

I also recently discovered Gerard liquid lipsticks and am addicted! I was always a classic red girl but the 1995 shade is a game changer for me! It’s great for a more subtle but still dressed up look.

Lastly, can’t go past The Ordinary!! So many goodies under $50 here but if I had to pick a favourite it’s The Buffet serum. Keeps my skin hydrated , plump and love the anti ageing benefits!


I adore Lanolips lip balms (especially the tinted ones as they have SPF), I also like the lemonade one for it’s smell and exfoliating properties and I am the proud and happy user of their rose hand cream as well. I can’t go past Weleda skin food for a great moisturiser, nuxe dry golden oil is an old favourite, I adore the smell and it makes your skin look so beautiful. The nuxe lipbalm is gorgeous as well as it has a matte finish and I will sometimes use this over a lipstick for a matt finish. A recent discovery for me was the Laura Mercier creme blush in blaze - gorgeous neutrally natural colour that blends really well. I love a bargain/reasonable priced product. I’ll never be one of those people who has a beautifully curated high end make up bag sadly.


@tinamiller I’ve been considering the Lanolips lemonade lipbalm. So you recommend it? Was just worried because I think it says it has a bit of a shimmer on it and wasn’t sure how that would look? Does it show noticeable exfoliation?


No need to worry about shimmer @christined - I didn’t even realise that was a thing with this product! lol As a lady ‘of a certain age’ I avoid shimmer on my lips like the plague. It doesn’t feel grainy per se - but I can feel that when I rub my lips together I find that the skin will start to slough off. I apply first after washing my face and then do the rest of my skincare and makeup and then I’ll massage it off with a tissue/cotton bud before apply balm/lippy - this stops my lips from looking a bit cakey and dodgy with the dry skin. Hope that makes sense.


I have too many to list, but I particularly want to mention Shanghai Suzy lipsticks. They are SO good and completely underrated. The shades are amazing (my fave shades are Miss Leah Baby Cocoa and Miss Sally Watermelon). They smell delicious and last really well, I highly recommend them for the price, they’re $14.95!


Oh yes the Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are great @joannafleming! They stay on really well too!


I’m a sucker for highlighter & recently came across “Sleek Solice Highlighter Palette”" Which comes in a palette of 4 awesome shades two powder & two cream formulas & ever so cheap! I’v yet to get my hands on it as its so popular & always sold out!

But i absolutely love this highlighter & comes in a few different shades for different complexions! Its super subtle for those easing into the “Highlighter Game”!
AND ONLY $11 each you could go mad & buy.


This is awesome @AshaChizzoniti! I’m definitely more a fan of a cream highlighter so not so sure I’d be into the powder ones. And so cheap!


i love dewyness @christined & I’ve got a couple cream highlighters that do the trick!


I agree with The Ordinary products. They are just so jam packed full of goodies and so cheap! I have bought most of the range now because if I don’t like a product, I know I haven’t wasted a tonne of money on something I won’t use and I love everything I have tried anyway. I love their Marula Oil. It cost $19 and is exactly the same as the Drunk Elephant Marula oil that cost me over $100. I now go through all my pricey skincare and find the “active ingredients” and you can pretty much be sure that The Ordibary makes a dupe for that one too.
And my other favourite is the Terax Crema Conditioner. A little bit goes a long way and is more like an action packed treatment then a conditioner.


Nice work @karliethone. I’m curious to know what exactly Marula oil does? I’ve never heard of it before.


I love face oils. I put them over my night serums to create that barrier and my skin is reaping the benefits. Marula Oil is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 9 and Omega 6 that hydrate and reduce redness, it heals, moisturises and improves skin elasticity. It also helps reduce water loss in the skin and improves the smoothness…specially good for skin with texture like mine. I have oily skin with enlarged pores and using marula oil doesn’t make me greasy.


Oh sounds gorgeous @karliethone. I’ve been using the Ordinary Squalane which has also been lovely. Otherwise Rosehip is my usual go to. Would be curious to see how Marula compares to these two.


I have the rosehip oil from The Ordinary too, I love it but i like the marula oil more. My skin drinks it. When I use the rosehip oil and the Argan oil on my skin, I can still feel the slip of it a few hours later. With the marula oil, it soaks in and doesn’t feel like it’s just sitting on there. My night routine is glycolic toner, followed by the agirilene solution 10% around my forehead, the caffeine serum around my eyes, the buffet over all of these and after 10 minutes the marula oil.