Your holy grail red lippy

Your holy grail red lippy


Hi everyone!

So I want to know what your favourite, staple red lipstick is, and why - e.g. the colour, feeling, finish, texture, wear time …

I have a warm light skin tone, so most reds look pink on me, but my holy grail red lipstick is Chilli by MAC. I bought my first in Paris so it has special memories and every time I wear it I feel super chic! Does anyone else swear by this colour? My second favourite and super bright fun one is Lady Danger, also by MAC, which I know is definitely a popular one.


@sophiejames ohhh Red Lipstick forever! It’s my staple and until recently the only shade I wore (although I’ve recently branched out. I love Ruby Woo by MAC - just love the matte texture , the shade and it’s staying power.

However, I recently discovered the Gerard Hydra Matte lipsticks which I’m obsessed with. It’s the first time I’ve tried a liquid to matte lipstick and these are amazing for staying power, matte texture while still being moisturising. I also find it easier to “colour inside the lines” with the wand as opposed to a standard lipstick. Immortal is their classic red which I am loving!


I love Russian Red or ViVa Glam 1 they both suit most skin tones and don’t make your teeth look yellow!